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In this Body Beast Review in partnership with Ideal Fitness I will focus on the workouts and nutrition of the program. The program is aimed for men but it works perfectly too for women. This is Beachbody’s first program designed to put on muscle mass, as opposed to weight loss. The program has 12 DVD video workouts which are divided into 3 phases namely build phase, bulk phase and the beast phase. On top of these the body beast comes with two schedules namely huge beast and the lean beast. The program lasts for 90 days

Body Beast Review: The Workouts

I had no idea what to expect going into this program. I have done other Beachbody programs and had great experiences. I was questioning whether or not I could get a high-quality weight training workout in my home. The equipment that I had to work with included a set of adjustable dumbbells, an ez-bar and an exercise ball. I was extremely satisfied after the first workout. Sagi Kalev, the trainer behind Body Beast, does an amazing job of combining various set types to really work your muscles. The chest workout was great, and I pleased with the arms and shoulder workouts too. However, the workout that impressed me the most was the leg ones. The legs are very large muscles, and it takes a lot to effectively work them. Most people think that you need a squat rack and a leg press machine. Using just the adjustable dumbbells, I was able to get the best leg work out that I have ever had.

Body Beast Review: What Was I Thinking

That is saying a lot, considering I used to be a decathlete. The variations of squats and lunges, combined with the various types of sets had me struggling to walk after the workout was over, and for 2 days to follow. If you are concerned that the workouts will not be effective, I don’t think that you have anything to worry about. I enjoyed them all. The only big problem that I had with them is that the warm-up and cool-down are too short. This is common with all Beachbody programs. Be sure that you take extra time to warm up and stretch after your workouts.

Body Beast Review: You Are What You Eat

Sagi Kalev did a great job with the nutrition guide. He breaks down how much you need of each food group based on your starting point and where you are trying to get to. A lot of people just focus on calories when attempting to put on mass, but he focuses on the various nutrients that are essential to building lean muscle mass. It is a more sophisticated nutrition guide that you may expect.

This program indeed is for the strong and not the faint hearted. It requires a lot of determination, but the results are pleasing and worthy a trial therefore try it now and after 90 days you will be feeling stronger and better conditioned. Even though all this is true remember the first few days are tough but don’t give up coz sooner or later it will definitely pay off.

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