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In this Tai Cheng Review, I’m going to look at Beachbody’s first Tai Chi based fitness program. This is much different then anything that you have seen from Beachbody in the past. When people think about this company, they think P90X, Insanity, and more heart pounding workouts. This programs takes you in a different direction. Let’s look at the details of the program, and then I will give my thoughts on all of it.

Tai Cheng Review – What is it?

Many people look at Tai Chi and think that it looks simple. It is often very slow movements, and can look very simplistic. While there are many simple aspects to this ancient style of martial arts, do not mistake it for being “easy”. The truth is, if you are going to truly get the full advantages of Tai Chi, you need to learn a variety of moves, work on balance and concentration, and be patient (which most people struggle with). I love the way that Tai Cheng breaks it down, there’s a well written full Tai Cheng Review from our friend at Ideal Fitness. They have broken the 90 day program into 2 sections. Each section has a specific warm up routine, and then works on specific moves. At the completion of each section, you will have learned a new routine.

Section 1 – The first section of this program begins with a 16 minute warm up, and then gets into the moves. These moves are very basic, perfect for someone just getting started in Tai Chi. During the 3 weeks of this phase, your workouts increase in complexity, but stay fairly basic. You conclude the 3 week section by putting what you have learned together into a routine.

Tai Cheng Review – The Teaching

As someone with a background in teaching physical education, I know the importance of teaching things in a way that people can understand, and also follow along. The instructor in this program, Mark Cheng, does a great job of this.

Section 2 – The second section increases the length of the warm ups from 18 minutes to 26 minutes, and introduces a variety of new moves. This is the trend for the program. Through the 4 various phases, you are introduces to more techniques, and the old is worked into the new. You learn new routines to conclude each phase. When you finish the entire program, you will be amazed at how far you have come. The program starts off slow, and you question what it will all look like in the end. When you finish the 90 days, you will have learned a series of complex Tai Chi routines, and many people say that they feel like they belong in a martial arts movie when they complete the program.

What Do You Get For Your Money – Tai Cheng Review

Tai Cheng is a 12 DVD workout series designed to give you a healthy body in 90 days. It includes 12 DVDs, the “Easy Does It” fitness guide, the “Feel Better Food Plan” nutrition guide, 90 day workout calendar, foam roller (which, if you have used one, you know they are amazing), and a tape measure to track your body changes. There is also a “Master Scroll” DVD, which breaks down all of the moves you will learn in depth. Retailing for $119,95, my personal Review of Tai Cheng is that the program is more than worth the money. Remember though, this is not your typical Beachbody Program. This is not heart pounding, sweat dripping workouts. It is low impact, and is designed more to heal than for weight loss.

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