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  • Fashion Don’ts for Young Guys

    I’m lucky because my life is a shining example of magical thinking. I’m also lucky because I look younger than what I am. Of course I use this to my full advantage. I’m often forgiven for the stupid, immature things I do simply because I look too young to have known better. I also carry …

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  • Body Beast Review

    Body Beast Review: Unleash The Beast at Home

    In this┬áBody Beast Review in partnership with Ideal Fitness I will focus on the workouts and nutrition of the program. The program is aimed for men but it works perfectly too for women. This is Beachbody’s first program designed to put on muscle mass, as opposed to weight loss. The program has 12 DVD video …

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  • Tai Cheng Review

    Tai Cheng Review: The Answers You Need

    In this Tai Cheng Review, I’m going to look at Beachbody’s first Tai Chi based fitness program. This is much different then anything that you have seen from Beachbody in the past. When people think about this company, they think P90X, Insanity, and more heart pounding workouts. This programs takes you in a different direction. …

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