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Sometimes a few pounds sneak up on you, or you are losing weight but still have lumps and bumps and bigger areas that make it hard to find clothing – parts of you fit fine in a smaller size and other parts of you do not. Several products can come to the rescue in giving a slimmer look to your clothing. Sometimes no matter how hard you diet before a special event like a wedding or reunion or big job interview, you cannot manage to lose weight off your thighs, butt or stomach even though the rest of you fits into the outfit you plan on wearing to the event, even an ideal fitness routine does not always help. It is difficult to plan what to wear to a special occasion when you are sort of between sizes while losing weight. This is where the major league slimming garments come to the rescue.

We all know the standard rules of wearing black and avoiding horizontal stripes to look thinner. But sometimes you still look lumpy or bumpy or your stomach pokes out even though the outfit otherwise fits. In this case, you don’t really need the next largest size – you need the right undergarments. Your goal is to create a slim, trim, streamline look even if it is on a bigger frame. This means allocating your efforts to eliminating the appearance of roll. A simple basic is to make sure to iron your outfit. It seems simple, but the more bumps and lumps the eye visually sees, the wider you look. Do not add the appearance of lumps and bumps with wrinkled clothing.

Many of us are familiar with the Spanx line of pantyhose, but Spanx also has a line of camisoles and shapers and slips that take care of many of the fat rolls, lumps, bumps, and unruly thighs and tummy bulges as well. They target the area under the breast to the stomach, which is an area that many control top pantyhose and shapers ignore. The problem with standard control top pantyhose is they often create a roll of fat above the control top waistline below the breast, and they roll down. Spanx created a line of shapers that go all the way up to the breastbone and some even attach to the bra so that they stay put – no rolling -so you know you do not have bulges of fat popping out when you least expect it. Especially usefully under a suit or long formal dress is the breast bone to calves shapers that give the appearance of making someone look a whole dress size smaller. Spanx is somewhat pricey – but a cheaper line by Sara Blakely is available at Target and through Chico’s. An alternative to Spanx is Hanes Smooth Illusions pantyhose and shapers – which run about $14 to $21 at most major department stores. They do not roll down, but they do not adhere to the bra. One of the shapers they make does go all the way to the breastbone.

Invisibellas by Cass and Co. also makes camisoles that double as a spaghetti strap type tank top that you can wear alone or you can layer with a shirt or blazer or sweater. The Cass and Co. invisibellas scoop cami shapes in a way that pulls up the chest with a built-in bra without flattening the chest and a shaping panel from the breastbone down to hold in the tummy. This eliminates lumps and bumps and fat rolls that create a heavier look, especially from the back. There are specially sewn panels to prevent the top from rolling up. It comes in various colors including the ever slimming black and can easily be dressed up or down. Cass also does a line of bathing suits and beach cover-ups that provide undetectable bulge cover.

Both Spanx and Cass are available at blisslabs, bare necessities.com, Amazon and most major department stores.

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