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Bohemian fashion is often is a common springtime trend as it captures the light hearted spirit of the season. Here are some tips on how you can get the trendy look for yourself, including dos & don’ts and suggestions for wardrobe basics.

Floaty, free spirited skirts and dresses with fun colors and interesting patterns are the most important staple for your Bohemian wardrobe. Look for splashes of color, pastel tie dye, flowers and other organic patterns, paisley and ethnic prints. Pair with boots and tights for a feminine hippie chick look.
Peasant Tops
These can be ornately embellished and embroidered or they can be simple and sheer. A soft white peasant top is a classic piece for this look.
Loose-Fitting Clothes
Loosely flowing and free are two adjectives that should describe the components of your outfit. The key here is to not to go too baggy or long. You don’t want your clothing to be so ill fitting that you look like you’re drowning in your outfit. You still want the clothes to be flattering to your frame. You certainly don’t want to look heavier than normal!
The key to layers is to mix up a variety of oversize and fitted clothing. This gives balance to the overall look. Match and mismatch bold colors and wear with confidence for a look that is much more interesting just clean lines and conservatively matching pieces. Have some plain and simple tees and tank tops around so that you always have a place to start layering. Just wearing two simple tank tops and a scarf thrown over your neck will give you an effortless bohemian look. Delicate pieces are the ultimate layer for your boho look. A lace camisole will look fantastic peeking out from behind another layer. Cardigans are also an easy way to layer without much effort. Don’t forget your colored tights!
Boots are in and look great with skinny jeans, tights, leggings, and dresses. Look for a tall pair of leather boots with a rounded toe. A smaller heel is ideal; platforms and stilettos don’t add to the look you’re going for. A brown boot will look great with many different outfits, so keep this in mind if you’re on a budget and are looking for one good pair. If you’re not in the mood for boots, opt for some strappy sandals.
Accessorising with unique, artistic, handmade, and vintage jewelry is the easiest way to add a Bohemian flare to any outfit. Stacked bangles are a must have to add a gypsy flare to your outfit. Definitely try mixing a few small bangles to a large, bold bangle. Also think oversize necklaces and earrings, charms, large chains, bright stones, seashells, geometric shapes, metal pieces, oversize beads, feathers, and flowers.
Vests and scarves are a quick layer that can be added to most any outfit. You can find these in a variety of colors and patterns to add life to your outfit. Fringe, leather, and fur are all great for this look. Want to spice up an old pair of jeans? Add some embroidery and pair with a coin belt!
Wear your hair simple and flowing, keeping in mind the sense of freedom this fashion trend embraces. Try a mane of long flowing curls, or a perfectly tossled bed head look. If you want, wrap your scarf around your head to hold back your carefree hairstyle.

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Don’t forget to venture outside the department store for this look. Second hand stores and vintage shops are great places to find unique pieces that will make a bold statement. And you certainly don’t have to break the bank. This look is easy to get on any budget so long as you keep the mood of the fashion in mind while you shop.

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