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The colour pink to me brings back so many fond memories, all of them seem to be related to summer or warmth.  From the flowers that bloom in the summer to it being one of the many colours associated with the Caribbean, pink is a true summer colour.  There are a vast array of ways that we can use pink in your summer outfit, but if you’re looking for inspiration for your wedding then read on.

Bridesmaids Gifts

Your bridesmaids are not doubt people that are very close to you, not only do you already share an emotional bond with the, but they have been with you throughout the wedding planning process.  They deserve to be a little bit spoilt for making to the very end.

A perfect gift could be pink pearl earrings.  They can show your bridesmaids that you really do appreciate their efforts, and they can go perfectly with the decor of the wedding or the dress colours you’ve picked out.

A Pink Coloured Pearl Necklace

If you’re looking to have any pink or pastel colours in your wedding, then what better way to compliment your wedding colour scheme then by beautiful pearl necklace.  For a wedding you’re really looking to have a pearl necklace of a shorter length, but without straying into the territory of a pearl choker.

A pink pearl necklace will looks great against your skin and works exceptionally well with a white wedding dress, but it will also serve as a great memento for the day.

On your Honeymoon

If you’re going to an exotic location on your honeymoon, then why not do yourself justice and get some pearls together.  A pink coloured pearl set, combining a necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring can be perfect for your trip.

When pairing your accessories together, it’s better to only go with wearing one or two at a time, but given that you’ve got four sets of jewellery, you have allot of options to mix and match with.

One of my favourite things about coloured pearls, not just pink ones, is that they are great just by themselves.  You do not need to go overboard and have extra diamonds, extra gems or other accessories.  If anything, adding extra bits just detracts from the pearl jewellery.

When it comes to pink and wedding jewellery, pink pearls are a perfect summer choice.

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