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With fall just ready to bump into you, its time to prepare you for the fashion season ahead. Jaunty hats and hot shoulder pads makes it sound like you are going back in time to the 1980s. Keep reading to find out how to pull off these hot fall 2016 trends.

Daytime Sparkle

If you thought metallics and sparkles and sequins were just good to be worn at night, think again! Designers are including them in daywear and in fact are adding that much needed sparkle to the gloomy fall and winter weather. You could pair them with casual work trousers or just with the ubiquitous jeans. You could even use a shiny scarf or a glittering belt to add some drama to that plain Jane office wear. A little bit of glitter could catch a passer by’s eye and you never know what might happen!


Will this style ever go out of fashion? Well, you got to admit it there’s something very chic and sexy about a little bit of bare shoulder and of course all the designers shake their head in agreement. Asymmetrical tops and dresses were seen all over the runway during the fall showcase and they were in different cuts, colors and styles. Looks like shoulders have now taken over the appeal of the cleavage!


If you are one of those who like the sober look and wouldn’t touch hot pink or sunny yellow with a barge pole, there is something for you in the fall collection. It might be a fall out of recession but there were plenty of neutrals like gray and black all over the runway. Of course these were mixed and matched with some other hot trends of fall like sparkles and of course hot pinks.

Shoulder Pads.

Are you an 80’s fashionista? It time to rummage through your closets and pull out your old blazers and suits, it seems bigger is better and this time it applies to shoulders. These shoulder pads don’t give women the appearance of a football linebacker; instead they have feminine grace that actually makes you look slim. The garment is often so designed that it contours down toward the waist for this reason it doesn’t have a bulky look at all, in fact it looks quite feminine.


Have we finally realized that hats add to that chic look and are a must in any woman’s wardrobe? It may really be so if you just check out the fall 2016 runways. Many models were sporting jaunty hats over frilly dresses, sophisticated pant suits or even pretty gowns. Well let’s hope we get to see hats jostling with each other for space as we walk down the street!

Hot Pink

Pretty in pink seems to be the likely slogan for the fall season, which doesn’t seem to be such a bad thing after all considering the fact that almost all girls love this color. Pink was all over the runway with models looking chic in pink dresses, jackets and of course pink accessories! Any one can carry off hot pink and if you are scared to go bold with pink, you could pick up a hot pink handbag, a bangle or even shoes! Of course if pink isn’t your style, relax! Yellow also is still popular after a fine showing in spring.

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